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Black Fathers Support Group Wednesday evenings between 8.00-10.00pm.

Bro. Kwame enhances the Griot Korner on his Monday morning show between 10-1.00pm. We welcomed him on board in 2011 with stacks and stacks of community involvement with local activism of over 30 years in evidence .Bringing live interviews and reels and reels of past chronicles.

Bro SG Vybes was inducted into the Family and crew in early Nov 2005, his remit was simply to maintain and secure the Mothership’s primary course after the midnight hour on Sunday nights. Reprogramming the main console with his purpose built sub-routine that he called ” The Muzi’Kal Journey “. His program consist of ” Roots Revival Cultural Sounds with a refined focus on the Up-liftment of our Royal Empresses Voices.  

Bro Chief Gege Tukuru  – Reliable Top level Commentator. Focused on bringing to the community all the issues that affects us. Links up with Queen Mama Oracle as they assist us to escape the theme park  each Saturday mornings 8am – 10am

Mbuta Anu was welcome onto the Mother ship in 2010. With the tools of the trade packed tightly in his backpack, he launches fully loaded, straight chat back vybrations at Street Level, whilst always keeping a third eye on the Signs of the Street.

Dr Aboo Ratatah, One of the several High ranking Commanders on board. Seeing active service at Grass Roots level for over 25 years, Able now to display his many honours for various successful missions accomplished as he continues to graduate through our several faculties of knowing thyself. The Voodum Man

Chief Pa Kombrabia  was responsible for Purchasing the original Galaxy Mother ship some 35 years ago .   He holds a surgery each Friday evening and Sunday Afternoons.

Sista Jah Sun Ray  Selected for her natural “Unpacking Skills” , Motivated with the attributes of an ancient African warrior Queen. Onboard since 2011 Carries a long lengthy oral portfolio. Sista Jah Sun Ray's shows - Alternate Saturdays mornings 10.00am to 1:00pm.

Sista Shanice her shows are Wednesday's and alternate Saturday afternoons between 10-1:00pm.

The Motivator and Lady Chesea Saturday mornings 8.00 - 10.00am

Alkebulan Revivalist Movement ( aka ARM ) has been on the Galaxy Mothership since 2014.  Monday evenings 8pm – 10pm. Afrika Speaks  . .  Talk it Straight and Keep it Plain. Monday Evenings 7-10.00 pm

Bro Ayo  on his Tuesday morning show. We welcomed him on board in 2014 with stacks and stacks of community involvement with local activism of over 30 years in evidence. Bringing live interviews and reels and reels of past chronicles. His show is The Global Afrikan Connection

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