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Our Griot Chinyere

Nne Agwu Story Telling

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Tuesday 15:00 18:00

Griot Chinyere Tuesday afternnon's 15:00pm - 18:00pm

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Our Griot Chinyere
Nne Agwu Story Telling Festival

In this episode we speak to Griot Chinyere of the Nne Agwu Storytelling festival. Join us as we enter the realm of narrative as a key tool of knowledge preservation in Afrikan Wisdom Traditions; as well as a form of communal therapy. As Quarantine Convos returns, we introduce you to Birthing Doula, Educator & Relational Evolution expert, Sister Mut; joining Quarantine Convos as our regular Co-Host! QUARANTINE? ISOLATION?…. OK… But we still gotta connect! So, we bring you #QuarantineConvos​​​, where we catch up with people from around the world, and get a variety of perspectives on how we are all dealing with the current situation.


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