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Parents and Ancestors Day 3rd June 2022 presents The Parents & Ancestors Day 3rd Jun 2022 to be held at Elms Community Centre 86 Bellenden Road, London SE15 4RQ  
Nana Po Komrabia

Chief Po Komrabia

Our Nana Po Komrabia’s Inauguration day.
Our Dear Mama Margret

Our Dear Mama Margret

Celebrating Parent and Ancestors day – We raise up our dear Mama Margret.
Stella B and Nat Nye

Galaxyafiwe Pilots

Dynamic #powercouple​ Stella B and Nat Nye speak to extraordinary spoken word artist and all round #wordsmith​ @Elliott Ajai-Ajagbe AKA Wordplay talks exciting graphic novel project revelations, learning Latin and Elvish! fascinating stuff. Also on this show, the legendary spoken word genius @elcrisis joins us with details of his 1 man show. All this with […]
Dr Aboo Jah Tata – Reparation March

Galaxyafiwe PilotsReparations March

Dr Aboo Jah Tata from the only de-brainwashing station, gives us his thoughts on the reparation march and the black community.
Reparations March to Parliament

Reparations March to Parliament

Uploaded by our bro Jack iron King Uploaded by our Voodum Productions Uploaded by Ibuka Emancipation Day 1st August 2015 , saw the second annual African Reparation march, from Windrush Square Brixton to Parliament , to submit a petition to the government. Charged with genocide, slavery, colonialism and neo colonialism of millions of African people, […]

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  • Expanded immunization programme saves over 50 million lives in Africa 24 April 2024
    A new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that an estimated 51.2 million lives have been saved through vaccines in the African region over the past 50 years. For every infant life saved over that period, close to 60 years of life are lived, the report finds. WHO said in a statement that […]
    Isaac Kaledzi
  • African leaders discuss solutions to violent extremism 22 April 2024
    Africa for decades now has been battling violent extremism with the crisis having serious impact on many regions of the continent. African leaders are concerned and have been meeting in Nigeria for a summit that is seeking African solutions. They have called for the revamping of institutions fighting violent extremism on the continent and the […]
    Isaac Kaledzi
  • Everything You Need to Know About the Aviator Game 20 April 2024
    The online casino industry has undergone a complete makeover in recent years, totally reimagining itself and transitioning from a fringe part of society to the mainstream. The high-tech nature of modern platforms means that the great and good of gambling mainstays can be enjoyed from anywhere with internet connectivity. Given the incredible game selection, it’s […]
    Staff Writer
  • Flyfish Review – What to Expect from this Global Payments Service? 17 April 2024
    Navigating the world of online payments can feel like swimming against the current without the right tools. Many businesses find themselves struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving world of digital transactions. But fear not, as corporate payroll services like Flyfish can make your journey smoother than ever before. In today’s digital age, where cash […]
    Staff Writer
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