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The African Diaspora Development Institute was born out of the desire to bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa. There currently is no one resource to easily find information about Africa. ADDI aims to become that resource. We have come to the realization that the current status of the African economy is […]

Visit the BFSG.ORG website Email Address: Tel No: 07375 945 591

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WORLDWIDE CEASE AND DESIST ORDER ON AFIWE ARTIFACTS   Immediately after the city was captured, widespread looting began. It was an exercise that was carried out by all members of the expedition. Houses, sacred sites, ceremonial buildings and palaces of many high-ranking chiefs were looted and many buildings were burned down, including the Palace building […]

              Every proud people pay tribute to the major contributors to their history! The legacy of Omowale Malcolm X is the manifest Garveyite-Blackprint for how today’s Black Youth can resist an environment designed for our destruction and become a Revolutionary generation, capable of transforming the world. In this knowledge we honour […]

Chato Former President John Magufuli will be buried today in his hometown of Chato in Geita Region. Dr Magufuli will be laid to rest after several days of paying last respects that saw to Chato residents being overwhelmed by grief when it was their turn to bid farewell to the departed leader yesterday. Actual burial […]

                      The Garvey Village is a social enterprise that will Celebrate Our Great African Heritage by providing a Community Centre with a Difference. The Difference being, that it will be a Base / Hub / Empowerment Centre, to help cater for a Majority of the […]

ADE Photography Services We provide a wide variety of services, which include portraits, head-shots, passport photographs, birthday photography, christening photography and wedding photography. We also offer on-site services such family and private photography. Our graphic design team can bring to reality your design concept from logo and leaflet to poster and banners. Contact Devon: 0793-087-5012 […]

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